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Welcome to Sound Lizard
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Sound Lizard is a world-wide, full service radio imaging company, specializing in cutting edge imaging and production for media throughout the world.

We utilize several of the best voices and buyout elements in the industry.

Already have a voice? We can produce your liners, sweepers or promos and give you the edge you need to blow away your competitors.

Whether you need a complete station re-image, are getting ready for a new launch or just looking to spice up your commercials - we can help, and we guarantee you'll be happy!

We've added yet another new feature! Download the brand new Sound Lizard tool bar and keep up with what we're doing. Users of this toolbar will be notified of contests, freebies, and much more. Some things will only be available for people who have the toolbar installed. Click here to download it and reap the benefits. Notifications of limited time free downloads will be sent to users with this toolbar, as well as promo codes, and much, much more. See? we can do technology too!


"Absolutely outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a better product. Your team is amazing!"
- Scott Lanter
Voice Over Artist
Cincinnati, Ohio

"We were in a pinch and the team at Sound Lizard came through for us, once again. The fast turn-around is unbelievable."
- Steve Quincy
Tampa, Florida

"I asked for a quote one day and had the finished product the next. Thanks for the fast service, guys. I'm sold on Sound Lizard."
- Barb Conley, DDM
New York, New York

"You've made my job a lot easier. And you've made my boss a lot happier."
- Darren Martin
Chicago, Illinois

"Couldn't have been more pleased. Excellent work. Thank you!"
- Corey Renshaw, TTP
Portland, Oregon

"I searched the internet and couldn't find a reputable company. But, a colleague of mine in New York told me about Sound Lizard, so I took a chance. I'm glad I did, too. My search for a reliable production company is over. Thanks for everything. It was perfect."
- Cheryl Bolender, GH Marketing
Ontario, Canada

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